World…meet Jessica


Jessica - First Picture


Today at 4.40pm a tiny little 5lb 13oz person completed our family. Jessica Duncan arrived safely and happily into our lives and all are well.

It’s hard to think back to ten years ago when I didn’t know if I’d ever have kids because of the testicular cancer, but old monoball did it again. First Jake in 2007, Jenna came along three years later and now we are five. I never get over just how lucky I have been to reach this point in my life and have such a fantastic family to call my own.

The person who deserves all the attention is Jill though. It’s not an easy thing to watch the woman you love go through hell during childbirth. There’s not another thing I could equate it to – it leaves you feeling completely useless as a man and you realise just how strong (in every sense) women are. I left the two girls at the hospital tonight with Jessica bundled up against Jill’s chest and for the third time in my life was reminded that I really am the luckiest bastard alive.

For all the battles against myself, my mental health, issues with me trying to get a job – all that disappeared today as I saw my wife and our three kids all cuddling up together. Yes, I will have to go back to the problems and deal with them again, but for one glorious moment it all dissipated and I felt truly happy.

We are a full family of five and there are no words to describe the pride, admiration and love I have for them all. The Five JDs.

JD x 





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