Not another shooting blog


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These two are dead and the gunman is too.

Does it matter where it happened or why? Do we need to see all the images on social media sites and news channels about it? Is it pointless to shout out in desperation?

I’ve blogged about this issue several times over the last few years and I have nothing new to say about the US and its obsession with guns and the ludicrous gun laws and lobbies in the US. For me it is the responsibility of anyone who has the ability to stop the problem now. The rest of the world will always look on in a dumbfounded silence at the actions of those who claim to be in the land of the free but continually fail to do anything about the ongoing death tolls that mount each year.

We can easily drag out all the statistics about the number of deaths caused each year by guns – school kids and their teachers in massacres, kids “playing” with weapons as one toddler shoots another in the head, another cinema shooting in a place we’ve never heard of. Why should we care anymore? The Americans don’t seem to.

Every policy maker, politician, member of the US Administration is guilty of not doing enough. Every gun lobbyist, defenders of the “right to bear arms”, and the NRA have blood on their hands with each innocent killed by a weapon. So do the general public in the US. The public are not speaking with one voice on this – there are not huge marches on the capital to stop any of the issues surrounding gun laws in America. Even the President, for all his wise and comforting words has not done anything to curb the deaths.

Unless the people of America truly want a change, then the status quo will continue and idiots will get hold of weapons and carry out the kind of attack we have seen today. It’s not that I don’t care – I have huge sympathy for the victims – but me caring on the other side of the Atlantic with no influence makes no difference at all. If you want guns in society you will always have these tragedies.

There is a very simple solution to all of this, but no politician will take the action required because money talks, lobbyists have too much power and the middle and right of US politics would not even consider it. And it’s not impossible – just look at what Australia did in 1996 by massively restricting the ownership and use of guns after the Port Arthur massacre. Deaths by these weapons has all but vanished and there has not been one mass shooting in the last 19 years.

If you don’t want gun crime, ban guns. If you don’t understand that I can’t help you.


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