It’s probably because I’m getting older, but I do find myself asking the question: “Really?” an awful lot these days. From stupid things people say to what constitutes news on the TV I am becoming more bewildered as they days pass. I’ve come to the conclusion that dementia – as horrible as it is – is the only way the human mind can cope after a certain amount of bullshit.

Take Donald Trump, please somebody take him away. He’s the US version of Boris – a bumbling twat with a mouth not tuned into reality let alone his brain. He thinks that people like and respect him but he’s confused attention with respect. He’s the latest incarnation of the human freak show; we all gather around to see what absolute shite he’s going to spout next. Yet the worrying thing is that he is still in the lead for the Republican nomination. No matter how ridiculous his ideas it appears that because he is the best known of the candidates he can do no wrong. President Trump? Really?

Another thing that is really rubbing me up the wrong way at the moment is Scottish news. Regardless whether it’s the BBC or STV we are being provided a repeat minutes after we see the original. Maybe it’s time for someone to point out to Jackie Bird that if the grown up news that is on before you covers a story then you don’t have to, only this time with a half-wit doing the interview and reporting at the scene. Here’s an idea for you: if it is on the main news then don’t cover it – not even from a “Scottish” perspective, we’re clever enough to work that out thanks. And here’s an other idea, like Channel 4 just have the main news for an hour and if the story is worth covering, they’ll cover it. News? Really?

Then there is the rise of the idiot. More and more we are opening our homes to the most useless, talentless and pointless of human beings through our TVs. Joey Essex, Rylan Clark, Dave Berry, the list is endless. Even this year’s “Strictly” has Peter “I love my kids” Andre and Daniel “dead behind the eyes” O’Donnell clogging up a usually enjoyable show. Why is there this celebration of ignorance? It all started with Jade Goody – daft but likeable, but that was in 2002 for fuck sake can’t we please move on. I’m sure he’s nice but I’m seriously fed up of Mr Essex and his friends. Famous for that? Really?

Those are just the tip of the iceberg of nonsense in our daily life:

Videos of kids getting hurt while parents film it; websites where you watch a frog vomiting rainbows for as long as you can; David Cameron’s Pulled Pork experiment in his student days; Snapchat being a secret that everyone can see; see through leggings because the woman hasn’t bought the right size for her postcode arse; people talking into their mobiles like the dickheads on “The Apprentice” rather than on the side of their head; Journalists hovering around Jeremy Corbyn to see if he’s going to make a mistake; People who don’t understand the difference between a Migrant and a Refugee; Nicola Sturgeon now wanting another Referendum and not understanding the phrases “Once in a lifetime” or “Once in a generation”; Using the word “like” instead of the English language; the complete ignorance of anyone who posts anything from “Britain First” on Facebook; and finally two words: Sepp Blatter.

You do just end up with one question unanswered each time: Really?


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