Miley, Miley, Miley



I get it. You’re trying to provoke us and make us shocked that you are artist as well as a singer/songwriter. The dildo and fake boob outfit at the weekend was predictable. And that’s what you have become. If you came on stage in jeans and a jumper we’d be more shocked that the provocative shite you wear at every opportunity.

You remind me of my five-year old daughter who runs about half-naked and flashes her bum because she finds it funny. Difference is my daughter doesn’t know any better and takes a telling. You are a grown woman who thinks that anyone actually cares you are naked again. I’ve seen plenty naked bodies in my life, you don’t make any impact on me or the large majority of people you are trying to get a reaction from.

If anything we now just feel sorry for you that you have to keep pushing the envelope to such a tasteless point. What are you trying to show? That the naked body is art – well we already know that. All through history we’ve admired the human form in all it’s beauty from Caravaggio and Botticelli to Bosch and Courbet and their takes on the naked flesh. Then there are the numerous websites full of naked people who are writhing and having sex. You offer nothing new, exciting or provocative.

Yes you have that car-crash appeal in that we’re all watching you to see at what point you finally lose the plot. With today being your birthday – many happy returns – you do wonder whether you will fall into the 27 club. Not that I wish any ill on you, but having turned 23 now you are acting out so much you do have to worry about your stability. I’m sure all the money you have and those around you who think you’re hilarious keep you going, but I do wonder if you have any idea how people actually view you.

You’re not a role model; your music is largely ignored because you are too busy showing off your breasts; no one cares if you wear a huge dildo on stage because they can tell desperation when they see it; yes you used to be a clean-cut child star who wants to rebel but we only need to look at those who went before you to know that’s not always a good thing; overall you are just embarrassing.

People who defend you will say you are a performance artist and are no different to Madonna or Lady Gaga or Rihanna in using your body to sell music – the difference is I could easily name ten of each of their songs and lots of people have their music in their collection. “The Climb” and “Wrecking Ball” aside I struggle to think of your music but can think of several outfits you have worn to provoke. So are you singer? Are you a performance artist? Are you a very expensive stripper?

Am I being sexist by picking on you because you are a female working in the pop industry. Record companies expect the girls to dress provocatively to sell records. That’s wrong of course but then a male singer with a six-pack and chiseled looks is also used as eye candy. Difference is popping out a bollock to sell a record is much less appealing than a tit. Just because the system is unfair and wants nudity and controversy doesn’t mean that a) you do it or b) if you do, you push the boundary so far that you become a joke.

Unless I’ve missed the point of you. If you are a joke artist then you’ve achieved your goal. If you are trying to be funny or shocking then you’ve failed. I just feel sorry for a young girl that has a decent voice and could achieve great things with that. I’m sure you couldn’t give a fuck what I think and the money you have made because of it will ease the pain anyway.

Maybe I’m the one missing the angle of “Cyrus’s New Clothes”, but if that’s the case I’m happy to be wrong and ignorant.


PS – Feel free to change Miley to Justin Bieber when reading this blog. I find the two pretty much interchangeable.

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