Syrian posts negative comments on Trip Advisor



Syrian man Ali Alsaho has spoken publicly about his disappointment and the grief he suffered at the hands of a small Turkish travel company. They had promised him and his family a trip to Greece, but when his wife and drowned on the journey he decided to only award the experience one star on Trip Advisor.

Having looked at how busy the local holiday camps around Syria and the neighbouring countries were, he decided the best plan would be to take his family off to Europe and experience a nice city break with a view to maybe prolonging their stay. The Turkish travel company have been unavailable for comment but many other customers have not been happy with the companies offering trips across the water – with over 3500 deaths so far this year it appears that they are somewhat slap-dash with their Health and Safety record.

Nobody from the Turkish tourist board seems to be listening as countries are starting to question whether their inability to deliver people alive at the end of their sea trip is perhaps false advertising. European governments are aware of the issue and don’t like the idea of dead children being washed up on the shore of holiday resorts; It’s bad for business. Especially European lilo sales which have seen a huge drop since the trips began.

What can be done to improve the situation? Well Mr Alsaho suggests that it’s maybe not a wise idea to travel to Europe across the sea. This sounds like a great idea for all concerned and here at the Piss Take News we support his stance. Too often people have jumped on these boat trips without thinking through the consequences. Not only are you taking a risk by getting on the boat, but there are dangers for those at the other end too – no-one wants to be sipping a cocktail and watching the sea re-enact a scene from Game of Thrones.

Stay-cations are a great way to support your local and national economy. If we all spent a bit more time investing in our own tourist attractions rather than travelling miles to be disappointed by death and other holiday mishaps. Also you don’t have to worry about other governments actions or lack of action in protecting you. You do have to ask why the trips are continuing without anyone stepping in to stop them.

Holidaying at home in Syria would have been a much better option for this family – maybe only some of them would have died in the ongoing bloody three-way civil war which is now being complicated further by German intervention on top of the UK, US, France, Saudi and Jordan forces.

So while Syria is a complex place it offers home comforts for the weary travellers. And there’s lots to see: there are numerous ruins available to tourists – some new, some old; daily fly pasts by the world’s greatest air forces; bargains galore for the canny shoppers among you; and just think of the nightly fireworks you could enjoy from the comfort of your own back garden!

So stay at home this holiday season – who knows, you might just live to tell the tale!

The Editor

To donate a blanket to help those children affected and displaced by the war in Syria text “Blanket” to 70123 to allow UNICEF to help those young children get through the harsh winter. Texts cost £3 and you normal text charge.

Obviously I am taking the piss with this blog because no-one appears to be doing anything to help these poor people – damned if they run and damned if they stay. Please do your bit to try and help those innocents who didn’t ask for any of it. 


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