Load of Wrap



A woman has been getting angry and confused at others anger over her pile of Christmas presents. The woman, who I won’t name because I believe she is just looking for attention, decided to post the above picture to show how many presents she has bought her children – apparently costing over £1500.

She is angry at those who are pointing out her materialistic approach to parenting, and some cruller people are questioning her ability as a parent and asking is she’s substituting money for love. I feel sorry for her more than anything – she is probably doing it for the right reasons, but it comes across as needy to post pictures of so many parcels when so many go without each year.

She says that there are over 300 gifts – basic maths says that a gift is around a fiver each and just think how much one gift would do for the most needy in society. If she even donated 50 or 100 of those toys to a local kids’ charity think of the impact. I understand that she has worked hard and wants to spoil her kids but she could teach them a much more valuable lesson.

I feel bad when our own children get too much from Santa, us and our families every year. I know it’s not our fault we can afford to have a big Christmas each year or that we should feel guilty, but even an iota of self awareness should remind us of the levels of poverty there are in our own communities. The reaction is not so much against this lady wanting to everything she can for her kids, but that she could have done even more by donating to others.

Then the other issue is the public display element – why would you promote the volume of toys & gifts you are giving? The danger of Social Media is that so many people feel inadequate as it is because of some people’s humblebrags and posts showing off holidays, gifts, houses, cars and other luxuries. So many people are not in a position to “compete” with these extravagant gestures and just feel bad – many parent’s would love to be able to afford to go over the top.

The thing I find is that those who shout loudest about wealth or materialistic things online are often unhappy in other areas. While their profiles may be a list of successes and achievements many have a sadness in their lives they are compensating for. I don’t think any of us have the right to have a go at someone who posts a picture like the one at the top of this blog – I’d rather that person learned by example from schools, churches and communities that by helping those beyond their own front door at this time of year, would do so much good that that sadness would lessen.

We all strive to the best by our kids, but the real lessons in life that we must ensure our kids learn are to be decent human beings rather than people who “win” the internet with boasts and money.


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