Trump: It’s not funny anymore



We all laughed when the human sized, porridge filled, ball bag with thatched roof put himself forward as a potential candidate for Republican nominee for the Presidency. Look at the buffoon! He says silly things and is racist in a grandparent kind of way. We guffawed at his homophobia, xenophobia and general idiocy – nobody will take him seriously. He’s now the front-runner and there doesn’t seem to be anyone who can catch him. We spent too much time laughing and forgot that this was the country that voted for George W Bush. The joke’s not funny anymore.

He is a complete c*nt of a man – but we shouldn’t have underestimated him; he never does. He is the stereotypical brash New Yorker who believes and creates his own hype. From his numerous public appearances, reality shows, interviews and tawdry buildings this is a man with a track record of failure. He couldn’t sell vodka, set up a University that one-third of the people demanded a refund from, had an airline that never took off, started a mortgage company at the start of the housing downturn ten years ago, three times married, casinos that closed. And now he thinks he can run a country?

Maybe I’m being unfair here – him being deluded and full of fuckwittery is not the problem, it’s the people of America who believe his rhetoric and lies. There are alternatives in the Republican line up but for some reason he is a beacon for the disaffected in the US. When you look at Obama’s record with jobs and finance he has really turned things round in the last eight years but it’s not quite being felt at the grassroots  of America – this makes those people pliable and Trump is exploiting that fact.

If someone could show them a sensible alternative to this tirade of negativity would that work? No I don’t think it would. Sadly the language and tone of the “live wire” Trump is entertainment for politics that we haven’t seen in the US for many a year – and entertainment plus biased news broadcasters becomes a news editor’s dream. Those soundbites, call and answer about who is “paying for the wall”, having people who disagree with him thrown out of his rallies is a wet dream to an editor.

Rubio has worked this out and is now joining in – where once he discussed the topics that really matter he now realizes that by being rude and taking a pop at “The Donald” he will share that spotlight. When was the last time you saw any real coverage of the Democrats on TV or on your Facebook feed? Sanders and Clinton are discussing the issues that will directly impact on the ordinary, hard-working Americans and beyond with their takes on International matters. Their discussions are not only more important, but the content is actually more radical that anything Trump has to offer – look at Sanders opinions on the economy and Pharms, or both of their views on guns, and you’ll discover a very different and more interesting politic at work.

Many in the media and politics don’t see Trump making it to the White House – very rarely has an “extreme” candidate won at the polls as the Americans ultimately usually do the right thing. But six months ago we all wrote Trump off altogether. Turn out for the Republicans is significantly up in these recent votes; Democrats figures are down. Is hoping and expecting the right result enough – or should the rest of the world speak up about this because of the impact he would have to diplomatic issues across the globe? I’m not sure those who Trump himself knows will vote for him regardless (he even said that he could shoot someone dead on 5th Ave in NY and he would still be a popular) would listen.

One of our best hopes is not attacking Trump or his supporters, but stifling his voice in the wider media. Stop reporting and sharing his nasty rhetoric and his platform automatically becomes smaller. Give voice and attention to the Democrats and the real issues the USA faces. The Democrats should sort themselves out now and stop the votes, just go with Clinton as Presidential candidate and Sanders as VP – I don’t see that failing as the two together would be a really popular ticket. Those who dislike one loves the other – win win.

The other approach the media need to take is hammer Trump on policy detail. Let’s hear his thought out policies and not just the repetitive tubthumping bile. Look at how he struggled just with the KKK questioning, he couldn’t answer the questions and dodged the issue – start doing that with his policies, pull them apart and show him up for the fraud he is. There is only so much that he can bluster his way out of – eventually if you land enough hits the truth will be revealed.

So how do we beat Trump? And I do mean we because it will impact on us all if he becomes the next President. I have the image of the end of the Wizard of Oz in mind where the Wizard is revealed to be mortal and not at all the intimidating force he initially appears to be. Chip away at this smoke and mirrors and expose the man behind it all, and by revealing him perhaps once and for all dispose of him.


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