Innocent eyes look at the screen, our gateway to the world

And ask about the latest wave of death and misery.

“Why” is their question, but I only have “I don’t knows” in reply.

Emotional tidal waves shipwreck my mind

And maroon my heart in a sea undiscovered by understanding.

I join the youthful voices and ask myself “Why”.


From concerts to airports to parties to squares,

Deliberately misreading words of love turns man against man

And the blood runs as fast as the cameras that capture.

The signal bounces around the globe only to pause

For seconds on a timeline that will be forgotten tomorrow

And the next chaotic roll of the dice delivers the rapture.


Is it Je Suis, or prayers, or thoughts that will solve this?

Monstrous creature whose reflection is similar to our own.

Reading faces won’t help, reading hearts to find the devotion.

But there’s no machine for that. No App to wave and collect

The darkness within us all and identify the next terrorist.

All we have is hope – an ever decreasing emotion.


Politicians appear and make the right noises on screens


As they deliver the clichés and rhetoric we need to hear

Like our Mums did when we were young, needing nurture.

But plasters won’t fix this and neither will words or bombs.

They will both increase because of this action and sow

The next row of human hatred to bloom in the future.


Today’s anti-hero’s image is shared and distributed.

Homespun psychologists search for motives for murder

As his reality show best bits flash by on the news.

We all have a blame point, someone to loathe, and we forget

The dead and injured who are the victims of this man.

His is the only image we’re left with and the hate in his views.


And the saddest part is that it was us who did it –

By proxy, we emboldened a fanatical vision.

The death that we brought to their streets is returned

In kind and yet we ask about motivation. We know why.

Excuses are plenty and history rewritten

Sometimes the darkness and bloodshed is earned.