Dear America



How’s the head? Bet it’s a bit sore today! What were you like yesterday with all that craziness? I hate to be the one to tell you, but you may have drunk dialled your boss last night and told them to fuck off.

You’ve fucked up.

You decided to stick it to “The Man” without realising that Donald Trump is the very epitome of “The Man”. Now you have four years of Cinnamon Hitler to foist upon the world. Thanks for that.

Your supporters want you to bring back prosperity and opportunity when we all know that the economy is finely balanced. Improve infrastructure, roads, bridges, schools, veterans’ care, the military, colleges, business, commerce, Wall Street, international trade all need money and where will you find that? In the same ledgers that underline your numerous bankruptcies?

Trump isn’t the answer – unless the question is what would a Wotsit look like if it had athlete’s foot? He won’t be able to wave a magic wand and reopen industries or factories or Motortown.

He wants to get rid of Obamacare. He wants to tear up the Climate Change agreement from Paris 2015. He wants to roll back decisions on Abortions. He wants to “unpick” – his words – the work Obama did in his 8 years. Where were we eight years ago? In the worst economic crisis for a century.

He won’t solve the issues caused by immigration – if they were ever “solvable” don’t you think another country in the world would have found a way to do it fairly and humanely already? The issues you moan about – of people coming to America to build a life – if the very thing you were built upon. Your culture is a rich tapestry of different voices, ideas, inventions, people, backgrounds. But after over five centuries you think a wall is the “solution”?

He thinks a good guy with a gun can sort out a bad guy with a gun. He wants to introduce “Extreme Vetting” for anyone coming into the country and a temporary ban on all Muslims – all 1.6 billion –  until we can “work out” the problems. He thinks mocking disabled people in public is okay.

But you know what is the worst thing about this decision you have made? You’ve not just told Washington to fuck off, you’ve told the rest of the world to as well.

You’ve elected a man who is a racist who doesn’t like his neighbours – yet many immigrants voted for him.

You’ve elected a man who is a fascist – he doesn’t even know the first amendment’s provision that no-one can be persecuted for their religious beliefs – yet many muslims voted for him.

You’ve elected a man who only views woman as objects for looking or grabbing at – yet women voted for him.

My generation and many before have looked up to you. No more. The idea of the American Dream is in the heart of your culture, now that dream that anyone could become President has been shown to be true – looks like you got what you wished for.

The dream has been tarnished for decades – even centuries. From John Steinbeck to Harper Lee, Ernest Hemingway to Mark Twain we know it’s never been perfect, but it’s been a nice idea. Now it’s just shattered. You decided that fear was more powerful and palatable than hope. That by pointing out all the negatives around you and making you think they were all forced on you by politicians you fell for the oldest trick in the book: The politics of fear.

You told your political elite what you thought of them. I could do the same to you right now because I’m furious that you would be so small-minded as to vote for him.

But instead I’ll say this:

You had the chance to stop things before they got out of hand. You chose to sit and laugh at the silly man with the silly hair who said silly things. Now you’ve just put him in charge of the former head of the free world.

You haven’t started on the road to making America great again you’ve done the exact opposite. You are now a joke, a dangerous one, but a joke nonetheless. The respect other countries had for you will now be diminished.

You decided that because Hillary Clinton was a woman she couldn’t win. She had the experience, she’d done the time, she’d devoted her life to serving her country – even putting that on the back burner to support her husband’s Presidency. But she made a couple of mistakes and she has a vagina so Trump trumps her. Around the world we are collectively shaking our heads at your judgement.

You are about to enter one of the most insular periods in your history and that will lead to poor judgement on foreign policy, risk terrorism both homegrown and from ISIS, and begin the alienation from the world. Putting America first under Trump isn’t a positive thing – he’s doing it at the price of ignoring all others. It will also mean your economy will be damaged. Already markets are uncertain and the talk of ripping up trade partnerships is a huge concern.

And you may ask how I can say all this with any kind of certainty?

Simple – we did the same thing in June with Brexit and look at where we are now. Difference is our decision has a long way to go and can still be stopped. You just gambled everything on orange and the betting has closed. You lost and so did we.


One thought on “Dear America

  1. I think, like the Brexit vote, that people are using these as protest votes – unfortunately they are not seeing the bigger more dangerous picture – on the plus side, he hasn’t run away from it yet like Cameron and Farage!

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