The Big Bad Wolves



Today an appeal has been made by the Disasters Emergency Committee for Yemen because of the humanitarian crisis there. Also the UN have stated that Syrian forces are shooting people on sight in Aleppo regardless of the side they are on. In Turkey Russian assassins are killing men who have escaped from the regime in Moscow.

And we are to blame. Well, to a degree anyway.

The Brits sell the weapons to the Saudis that are being used in the war in Yemen. We are standing by and letting people die in Syria because we aren’t working closely enough with our allies to pull Russia to one side and stop the slaughter of innocents and the same can be said for Turkey.

How did we get to a point where we are all involved in the Middle East fighting but no-one is facing in the right direction? It says something that it takes Donald Trump to question the “One China” policy in the US and Boris to challenge the Saudis on illegals wars. If these idiots can work it out why are the rest of us sitting back and doing nothing.

The answer is sadly Tony Blair. Had it not been for the way he and Parliament dealt with 9/11 and the aftermath we could have built international support to tackle these abhorrent crimes. The joy of hindsight is easy, but now you just need to turn on the nightly news to see the latest string of deaths that sit in the shadow of that fateful day in 2001. We left a vacuum by taking the action we did. There is no appetite to send our boys and girls to fight, understandably so, and without the US, UK, Germany, France, Spain and others who used to team up.

Syria and Aleppo especially feels like a car crash we are all driving past; we see the damage, the bloodshed and the battle for survival but we don’t or can’t stop. What Assad and Putin are doing to the citizens of that country and city is no less than War Crimes and it’s about time they were called out for it. The “Fear” that surrounds the Russians at the moment is either based on their history or the UN and its members know something we don’t.

Russia is a human rights abuser in its own country, it has supported the so-called rebels who have annexed Ukraine, subject opposition parties and their leaders within Russia to questionable arrests and even worse, they appear to wonder the globe killing anyone they see fit from Turkey with the latest shootings to the poisoning of Alexander Litvenenko in London. Why are they being allowed to do this? Probably because they are closely affiliated with the biggest threat to “The West” – China.

China also appears to get away with murder – literally. Their financial power in the world and in the major stock markets mean we rely on them more than ever. Their mistreatment of their own people, the aggressive approaches in the Pacific against Japan and how it sees places like Taiwan show it is not a friendly place. Their investment in the African Continent is astounding and will also lead to those countries improved by this money to be closer to China.

When you consider the sheer size and capability of China and Russia, the money in Saudi Arabia and the allies they are building, you can see how the world is going to the dogs. Because the US and UK don’t build up allies to take on people like Assad and the Saudis there is a vacuum and Russia steps in with China a step behind ready to support – if not in person or deed, through the UN and other organisations.

The only winners in all of this turmoil are the weapons sellers and manufacturers. At least we are making money out of the misery then, eh?


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